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PC Upgrade

If you feel that your PC or Laptop Computer is working slowly and needs a tune up, please call Stocksbridge Computer to discuss the problem. Often the purchase of a new computer can be avoided by upgrading important parts or the Windows Operating System and this can be done at a fraction of the of the cost of a completely new system. 

Depending on the cost of your original PC or Laptop Computer, it is often likely that the manufacturer will have kept the initial specification to a minimum. However, there will always be a provision for

Improvements and upgrades to the memory and disk storage. Making this type of upgrade can often vastly improve your system's speed and performance and give your equipment and extended life-span. 

I can upgrade your desktop PC to your requirements, advising you of what's available if necessary.

Adding extra usb ports, installing better graphics cards, putting in extra memory, larger hard drives or extra backup drives. 

If you own a laptop then the only real upgrades suitable would be to add more memory or maybe a larger hard drive. Some of the newest laptop models have space to add another drive. 

This extra drive can be extremely useful for storing a backup copy of your data for extra security, in the event of a problem arising with your master hard drive.

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